Bagpipes for Weddings, Funerals and More | The Chucktown Piper | Charleston, South Carolina

Playing Experience

Kyle Ryan is the Chucktown Piper™. He has been playing the bagpipes for over a decade and is currently playing with the Charleston Police Pipes & Drums in their Grade 3 competition band. Kyle's passion for the bagpipes started early with his family heritage. He started off by teaching himself how to play the bagpipes while still in high school. When he went to college at The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, Kyle became an active member of the Regimental Band and Pipes where his bagpiping skills were refined and honed. During his 4 years there, he held various leadership positions in the bagpipe band including including that of Pipe Sergeant and then Pipe Major in his senior year. Kyle has also volunteered his time and expertise to assist in launching the Wake & District Pipers & Drums, Raleigh, NC. Today, Kyle continues to compete at Highland Games and has played for numerous high-visibility events. As the Chucktown Piper™, Kyle is available for hire and provides quality bagpiping services at Funerals, Weddings, and other Parties and events.

Some notable functions that Kyle has played:

  1. -Soloist playing with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra

  2. -The Hibernian Society of Charleston (including special guest, Vice President Dick Cheney)

  3. -The Saint Andrews Society of Charleston Annual Banquet

  4. -MCI Heritage PGA Tour Golf Tournament

  5. -Funeral Service for the Crew of the CSS Hunley

  6. -First Scots Kirkin of the Tartan

  7. -Washington Light Infantry Memorial Service

  8. -Awards Ceremony for the Special Olympics of North Carolina

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